URMNU is an in-house mobile ordering and marketing solution.

“URMNU allows us to control our own website, eliminate out-of-pocket processing fees and provides our customers with a fast way to order their favorite meals.”

Brett Stone, Owner of Secret Garden Cafe

URMNU does not aim to compete with or replace other online ordering applications or delivery services. URMNU does allow restaurant owners to have complete control of the restaurant ordering experience.

URMNU can be customized to fit the theme of your restaurant. You can even use your preferred domain name or use a custom URMNU subdomain.

URMNU allows restaurant staff to receive orders through virtual notifications or with up to three optional thermal printers.

URMNU can also send faxes for those who prefer this method of receiving orders.

URMNU can track demographics and menu item preferences as well as obtain email addresses for marketing campaigns.

URMNU also offers additional marketing options to keep your customers in the loop of special offers and emails may have links directly to an order page.

URMNU takes the hassle out of credit card processing by offering one low monthly fee and passing on an even lower fee to customers as a convenience fee.