Reason #1:
While other online ordering systems use your customers information to market other local businesses, URMU places focus on your business first. URMNU allows you to reach your audience more effectively. You are able to retain data collected and demographic information which allows you to market to potential repeat customers.

Reason #2:
URMNU offers the ability to pass on payment processing fees to customers in the form of a convenience fee. That means no more outrageous monthly processing bills!


Restaurants & More:

Restaurants who provide take-out or delivery services benefit from URMNU by having complete control over their ordering process.

Grocery/General Stores:

Not every business can afford a high-octane web developer -that’s where URMNU comes in. URMNU allows businesses who would not otherwise have online ordering with curbside or in-store pickup options to give the big-box stores a run for their money!